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  • Gearboxes

Repair and installation of gearboxes

We offer a complete service including evaluation, repair, assembly and adjustment of gearboxes.

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Machining of keyways

Keyways with capacities of:

  •     Maximum component diameter of 500 mm.
  •     Maximum length of 200 mm.
  • Machining


Machining of CNC lathes

With capacities of:

  •     Maximum diameter of 520 mm.
  •     Maximum length between points 1,000 mm.
  •     12 driven tools.
  • Subcontracting


Machining and treatments

In addition to the manufacture of gearwheels, we at ENPA offer a management service for the subcontracting of operations to highly qualified suppliers.

The most commonly subcontracted operations include:

  •     Special machining: Grinding, milling, electrical discharge machining, etc.
  •     Heat treatments: Hardening, induction hardening, cementing, etc.
  •     Surface treatments: Blueing, sulfonation, galvanising (black, white), etc.
  •     Complete management of an ensemble, including the subcontracting of elements, machining at our facilities and final assembly.
  •     Other procedures: packaging, shipping and more.

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